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Re: OpenLDAP and failover


Raul Caballero Ortega wrote:
> Hi:
>     I think there is one more posibility: what about using a RAID based
> on network software? I've readen about DRBD, a software used for
> implementing a RAID 1 system based on software wich can be used to
> mirror two phisically different machines.

slurpd mirrors the database of the ldap-server,
that's enough (and the best solution) ...

>     Note that I've never used it, I only work with RAID1 local software,
> but may be it could be usefull for you.
> Sorry for my poor english.

Yes, but what if one server is down because of 
network-problems ?

Who tells the client to use another server and
which one ?

> Good luck

Greets Harry