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RE: AIX authentification

I posted a guide to LDAP authentication a while ago.  It covers
authenticating web access and UNIX login,  It should apply to AIX, you just
need the appropriate PAM software.




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> Subject: AIX authentification
> Hello!
> I've got a running openLDAP-Server, configured Linux- and
> HP-UX-11-clients to
> use this server for authentification. Now it's my task to connect
> a AIX 4.3.3
> workstation to this openLDAP-server or an MS Active directory. Because I
> found no usuable documentation on how to manage this job: has
> anybody a good
> howto or documentation on how to authentificate aix 4.3.3-client
> against an
> openLDAP- oder AD-server? The IBM-docu is not my friend (or I
> haven't found
> the right one yet).
> Harald Latzko