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Re: uid

> I am quite new to this so this may sound very amateurish. I included two
> schemas, core.schema and inetorgperson.schema. I get an attribute type not
> found error. I guess the problem is because uid is not defined as an
> attribute type. Does anyone know in which schema,object class this is
> defined in.

cd /etc/openlapd/schema
grep uid *

this will give you every schema in which uid is defined (either as
attribute, or as field of an objectclass). uid is defined in

> slapd starts with the one schema. 
>>1) Set schemacheck off in slapd.conf to tell slapd to ignore it, or
> What is the command for this? 
>>If you post your .ldif to the list and a very nice person reads it, you 
>>might even get your problem diagnosed for you.
> dn: uid=suren3,dc=slt,dc=lk
> cn: Gnana Surendran
> sn: suren3
> uid: suren3
> objectclass: person
> userpassword: {crypt}4j5bhkk98
> Deen

When you define objectclass 'person' in your entry, then only
attributes of this objectclass can be used within the entry.
You can, however, define multiple objectclasses:

objectClass: person
objectClass: uidobject		(in core, with only attribute 
				 'uid' as a must)
objectClass: inetOrgPerson 	(also 'uid', but with many more 
				 usefull attributes)
uid: suren

With one of those objectclasses added, the 'uid' attribute becomes
available within this entry.

Please look into the schema files (i find the objectclass definitions
very usefull) to find out which attributes are available.


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