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RE: status of multi-master replication?

> This might enable you to put a layer 4 load balancing devices in front
> of your ldap servers and seamlessly add and remove slapd masters from
> your network (never done that myself).  But in this senario the layer 4
> device is not tied to multimaster functionality at all, it is just an
> HA/loadbalancing implementation.

This is true, and it works for me with slapd 2.0.36 patched for multi master
and a director managed by ipvs and ldirectord (see ultramonkey.org)

By the way with more than 130K entries and 40K users, the slapd is a little
bit slow but it's ok.
There are two HP-LP1000R, with 1Go RAM, that run slapd.
One uses RAM disk to speed up modifications and the other works with a SCSI

> Regards,
> Elliot