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RE: status of multi-master replication?

> Nir,
>  > You can try using a mechanism like heartbeat, using the multimaster
>  > capabality, coupled with a heartbeat mechanism and IP takeover will
>  > work, solve the conflict resolution, and rid you of the pain of
>  > attempting to promote the slave to the master (and the 
> ensuing 'what
>  > hasn't been replicated to me' debate).
> The problem with that implementation is that a slave slapd 
> cannot accept 
> writes, and must be promoted to a master slapd in some fashion 
> (manually? programatically?).  One way to implement this 
> (perhaps) would 

That's why I said that you can use the multimaster in capability in
conjunction with a heartbeat mechanism. This has the added value that
when the failed node resumes service, you can use it's replication log
to restore your lost data (Even automatically).

I think :)