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Re: ldapsearch slow with +110000 entries

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 21:44, David Wright wrote:
> Take a look at the "Performance Tuning" section of
>    http://www.metaconsultancy.com/whitepapers/ldap.htm
> for some more things to try.

Good whitepaper, but I'm in doubt. Are the configurations bellow:

index	 uid,uidNumber	eq


index	uid		eq
index	uidNumber	eq

the same thing?

> Why are you only using a 10 MB dbcache when you have 1 GB of memory?

Ok, I'm using now 50MB dbcachesize

> What kind of a disk are you using and have you tuned it for optimum 
> access speed?

For these tests I'm using ide disks. The production configuration are
scsi u2w/lvd disks. IMHO, I SHOULD have acceptable timings in the test
plataform for at least ONE search, since in the production I'm going to
have many concurrent searchs!

Finally, after some changes in index/cache definition in slapd.conf, I
get 3.5s to 4s responses with the following settings:

cachesize	200000
dbcachesize	50000000

index	default						eq,pres
index	objectClass
index	uid						eq
index 	uidNumber					eq
index	gidNumber					eq
index	memberUid					eq
index	cn,mail,surname,givenname			eq,subinitial

With these settings cachesize is twice the number of entries and
dbcachesize become larger than the largest file in /var/lib/ldap.

The first search is slow (about 1min10s) but the others take 3,5s to 4s.