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[ldap] password change in openldap

----- Forwarded by Tuyen T Nguyen/Data-Technologies/Harte-Hanks on
06/18/2002 02:58 PM -----
                      tehanks.com               To:       ldap@umich.edu                                                    
                      06/18/2002 11:46          Subject:  [ldap] password change in openldap                                

I turn on password aging.  when I change password, I can no longer login.
I check password in userPassword attribute after password got changed.  I
don't think it is using crypt as hash algorithm.  If I use crypted password
from local /etc/shadow and update it in openldap, I can login again.

Is there a way to check what hash algorithm openldap use when update
password?  How do I set up?  Is it in slapd.conf?


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