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Re: status of multi-master replication?

> I can't answer you about multi-master replication, but you can look a
> http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/esdd/articles/linux_clust/
> for an implementation of a HA solution with OpenLDAP.

Thanks - that provides HA without load balancing.  That may be sufficient
for our needs, but with multimaster, we'd be able to load balance
everything as well.  However, actually *compiling* openldap with
multimaster is another issue entirely.  (I'd like to be able to
./configure --enable-multimaster; make; make install, but no, I've got to
modify configure.in and run autoconf, which fails miserably... quite a

Upon further archive searching, I found mentions of multimaster as far
back as 1999.  Why is it that a change which only effects 6 or 7 source
files with minimal changes takes roughly 3 years to become "not
experimental?"  The concept itself even seems fairly simple, so why is
this so difficult?


John Madden
UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech State College