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RE: OpenLDAP 2.1 Released

Today at 10:08am, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> {KERBEROS} is a OpenLDAPism.  I would be fine with removing
> support for both...

Before you remove something that people are using, shouldn't you provide
a working replacement?

Please provide information on how to allow a stupid application that
only does a simple bind against the ldap server to have that
password/userid validated against my kerberos server (by the ldap
server) and I'll gladly support you getting rid of {KERBEROS}.  However,
that ability is the primary reason I chose OpenLDAP over both iPlanet
and IBM's Secureway.  Neither of those products can do what OpenLDAP
does right out of the box simply because of the {KERBEROS} construct.

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