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Re: Question on "structural object classes"

At 08:48 AM 2002-06-13, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>OpenLDAP 2.2 hasn't arrived yet.  But 2.0 was less strict about
>schema checking.  With 2.1, each object must have exactly one
>objectclass with STRUCTURAL in the description in etc/OpenLDAP/schema/.

Actually, objects can list multiple STRUCTURAL classes
in objectClass as long as they as there is one which
is superior to all the others.

For example, an object which lists person, organizationalPerson
and inetOrgPerson is valid as inetOrgPerson is superior
to both person and organizationalPerson.

As a counter example, it is improper for an object to list
inetOrgPerson and pilotPerson as neither is in the others
superclass chain.  If you desire to have an object belong
to both inetOrgPerson and pilotPerson, you can create a
class which is superior to both (e.g. OpenLDAPperson).

This all per RFC 2251 and X.501(93).