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User-Group Management.

I am very new to LDAP and I am trying to come up with a schema which
involves  groups as follows:

CIO -> PracticeLeaders -> Managers -> TeamLeaders -> Developers
CIO -> HRadmin
CIO -> Secretary
Each group can have number of users with user profiles, passwords and Salary
no one in the group should see others salary in the group but can view the
salary of
the persons in the groups under it. i.e, Each Manager can see salary info of
its TeamLeaders and developers.

HRadmin should be able to see salary information for everybody in the
and Secretary should see the user profile for every body in the company but
not see salary information.

Also I do not see any such field as salary in inetorgperson schema. If some
body has any similar
experience please help me out with this one.