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Re: inetorgperson.schema

On Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2002 13:32, jakob.grimstveit@starshipping.com 
> Hans Aschauer wrote:

[you need to include the cosine.schema before inetorgperson.schema]

> For a few minutes I had the same problem, but found out what to do
> when examining the other files in the schema subdir. However, if this
> isn't documented, it really should have been. 

In fact, there are comments in inetorgperson.schema which begin with 
"Depends upon", and they mention this dependency.It is probably a good 
idea to read files which one includes into a config file ;-)

> Explicitly for
> including the InetOrgPerson objectclass, since that probably is the
> objectclass most people automatically want to use in a standard
> installation of OpenLDAP. Either as a comment in the slapd.conf file
> or in the Administration Guide (perhaps it's best just to leave it as
> a comment in the .conf-file).

But you are right, that would not hurt either.