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RE: Oracle Internet Directory

Unless someone knows better & has done work around this, I don't think there
is replication model for OID/Openldap. Replication has not been defined as
part of IETF LDAP definitions, but many organisation provide proprietary
mechanisms. You have come across Oracles proprietary mechanism.  Sounds like
you will need to write your own scripts/code to replicate between OID and
Openldap, unless someone has done work around this and can offer help. I'd
be interested in this.

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Subject: Oracle Internet Directory

I have one newbe question for those who met Oracle Internet Directory

I wonder whether replication is possible between OpenLdap and Oracle
Internet Directory server?

(I am confused by use of Oracle’s Advanced Symmetric Replication (ASR)
between two Oracle Internet Directory server, as it is apparently Oracle

Petr Frisch