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Re: Re: Re: ldapadd -> ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

At 11:31 AM 2002-06-08, Subba Rao wrote:
>Thank you for replying.
>I do have the following entry in my slapd.conf
>        rootdn          "cn=Manager,dc=mydom,dc=com,o=Columbus,c=US"

but your suffix is:

There is no way this database configuration will be used to
authentication cn=Manager,dc=mydom,dc=com,o=Columbus,c=US as
cn=Manager,dc=mydom,dc=com,o=Columbus,c=US is not within its
naming context.

slapd should complain when you go to set rootpw, but presently
it doesn't.

>I am lost with the DN and similar stuff. Where do I learn the key syntax of LDAP?

Well, RFC 2253 details the string representation of a DN.  But you'd
like be better off starting off reading the OpenLDAP Admin Guide and
following the Quick Start Guide it provides.

>Since the above entry is in my slapd.conf, why is the system still spewing out the
>"Invalid credentials" error message?

Because it has no database capable of authentication the asserted DN.

>The 3 things I would like to do with LDAP are setup authentication for remote VPN users,
>mapping the systems on the network, setting up mail (Qmail + LDAP). I don't know the
>real use of the 3rd item in my list yet.

These are applications of LDAP.  You'll have to consult document
for the particular applications on how to set them up.