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Roaming access failures


 I've setup a working ldap server with SSL/TLS support. It currently works
when used to
authenticate user logins to desktop systems, Web server (Apache), and
Roaming access

 What I'm having a problem with is the Roaming functionality. Users can
configure their
browsers to use the LDAP server for their roaming profile, but the only
information stored
is their browser preference. I can't seem to get bookmarks or history
information to upload
successfully to the server.

 I found documentation on the various keys available in the prefs.js file:

user_pref("li.enabled", true);
user_pref("li.client.addressbook", true);
user_pref("li.client.bookmarks", true);
user_pref("li.client.cookies", true);
user_pref("li.client.globalhistory", true);
user_pref("li.client.javasecurity", true);
user_pref("li.client.liprefs", true);
user_pref("li.client.security", true);

 But even if I select bookmarks and history in my preferences the only thing
that seems
to be working is the browser prefereces. The ACL's appear to be correct
since uploading
of the prefereces is working, I've verified this by changing some values and
starting Netscape
on a separate system and verifying the modifications transfered correctly.

The relevant ACL is:

access to dn=".*,ou=Roaming,dc=oiccam,dc=com"
        by dn="cn=Manager, dc=oiccam, dc=com" write
        by dnattr=owner write
        by * none

 An example of one of my users is:

dn: nsLIProfileName=Daniel E. Brown,ou=Roaming,dc=oiccam,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: nsLIProfile
nsLIProfileName: Daniel E. Brown
owner: cn=Daniel E. Brown,ou=People,dc=oiccam,dc=com

 Also, I'm using the mull.schema file included via the slapd.conf file.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.