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Re: open db error

Are you using the exact same version of the database software
on each machine? It sounds to me like you have different versions
of BerkeleyDB installed, but thats just a guess.

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 12:44:44AM +0800, Brian Leung wrote:
> i get the following error when i tried to copy the database from
> master to replica and i try to use ldapsearch to search the replica
> content:
> 00:35:38  slapd[19621]: ldbm: ==> dn2id.dbb: btree version 6 requires a version upgrade
> 00:35:38 slapd[19621]: <= ldbm_cache_open NULL "dn2id.dbb" errno=17 reason="File exists")
> 00:35:38 slapd[19621]: <= dn2id could not open dn2id.dbb

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