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Help with password migration from Tru64?


  I am running openldap v3 on a linux server.  I can use the migration
tools to get a MD5 and/or 'crypt' password from the local /etc/shadow
file into a ldap db and use it with ldapsearch , ldapadd, etc.

  But - my big problem is a 1000+ user database from a Tru64 5.0a system
running Enhanced Security, crypt (DES) passwords.  Bringing over those
password entries into ldap doesn't work - i.e. I can't authenticate 
with them.  The weird thing is that I can copy/paste them into the
/etc/shadow on the linux host and they work!  

  Any help would be appreciated...thanks....

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Ken Kleiner
System Manager
Computer Science Department
Umass Lowell

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