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RE: HUP kills slapd

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> > > Has anyone seen this before?  When I send a kill -HUP to any one
> > > of the multiple slapd processes running, they all die and I have
> > > to start slapd again.
> > >
> > > What's going on?!
> >
> > The server shutdown as requested (by the HUP signal).
> Ha! I had never noticed this. I'm sure Kurt knows that a lot of daemons
> re-read their configuration file on a HUP. So perhaps a better question
> would be, is there any way to get slapd to do that?

Not really. If you think about all of the de-initialization and
re-initialization that has to occur to handle rereading the configuration,
it amounts to the same thing as stopping and restarting the entire server.
In particular, any active connections would need to be closed anyway,
because (a) their backends might not be defined in the new config, (b) their
ACLs may change in such a way that the session should not be permitted to
exist, (c) the listener addresses may be undefined so the connection should
not exist, (d) any database config changes would require closing and
reopening the database files, etc...

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