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Re: Replicating Lotus Domino Master LDAP Server with OPENLDAP Slave server

AFAIK there is no way to tell the Domino LDAP task to please send all updates
to a slave replica unless the replica is a Domino LDAP server which has a replica
of the Domino Directory (NAB; names.nsf).

You could of course write custom program to "pull" the entries out of the Domino
Directory and store them in our OpenLDAP replica, but this would have to be done
"in batch" and cannot be triggered by Domino.

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Michael Fuller wrote:

> We are running a Lotus Domino Mail server with LDAP services which is
> searchable with MS Outlook Express. I want to use openldap on Red Hat 7.3 as
> a slave LDAP server to replicate this information. How do I acheive this ?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.