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matching ou=(.*)=.. to dn=$1,ou=.. help


I'm implementing ldap personal adressbooks for Turba/imp the first webmail and
adressbook system  that I've seen that contaings propper write support for ldap.
I've come quite far. (for those interested, I'll probably post a howto soon).

But, I got one problem. Each user has his/hers own ou. That is I got something like:

   - ou=USERID,ou=personal,...
   - ou=USERID,ou=personal,...
   - ou=USERID,ou=personal,...
now, I want to define an acl like this:

access to dn="ou=(.+),ou=personlige_adresser,o=nu,c=no"
        by dn="uid=$1,ou=Brukere,o=nu,c=no" write
        by * none

i.e. that only users can read and write to their adressbooks.

Now, can someone point out the obious misstake I am doing? I've used an hour
searching the maillinglist now, so please :)


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