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Re: Performance Comparisons

> Is there a recent, respected article, or documentation that provides an
> empirical comparison of available LDAP server offerings ?  I ask this
> because in a recent vendor meeting OpenLDAP's scalability and
> performance was called into question.

I don't know of any published, independent tests.

I do know that it is true that OpenLDAP does not scale up on a single,
high-powered Solaris box as well as iPlanet. But OpenLDAP does scale out
to a large cluster of comodity PCs just fine.

What would hold me back from recommeding OpenLDAP as an enterprise
solution is the lack of "for dummies" GUI so that all those
point-and-drool MSCEs could run it. But for the price of a high-powered
Solaris box, you should be able to hire a programmer to write one.