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PRACTICAL examples?

I know this is the third email today, but I really can't help it.

After receiving, from some kind soul, a list of about 30 links related
to LDAP, I've spent the day scouring the web for some example
walkthrough or something that does NOT reference Babs Jensen, for

The widespread assumption seems to be that EVERYONE will be using LDAP
in EXACTLY the same way - or that EVERYTHING in the inetOrgPerson
examples is directly analogous to, say, a NIS implementation, or an
inventory database, which it's NOT.

Are there ANY sources of RELEVANT, NOT OUTDATED, LDAPv3 examples that
illustrate only slightly more complex relationships than what is all
over the internet?

Here's my example:

I have an inventory database, and the information contained in the
database is used to generate all kinds of stuff.  DNS records, NIS maps,
dhcp configs, etc.  The database mainly tracks networked hosts.

-- A host can have one or more interfaces.
-- An interface can have one or more IP's 
-- An interface can also have zero or more aliases, which will be
associated with an IP address..
-- An interface must have a MAC.

Anyone who has had to deal with generating DNS files knows the issues at
hand here.  How would I represent a relationship like this in an LDIF
file such that a user can search for all interfaces belonging to a
specific host, for example?

Thanks a million.  Everyone here has been very helpful.  I still feel
pretty lost though.


Brian K. Jones
System Administrator
Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University
Voice: (609) 258-6080