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Re: Performance Comparisons


I would say to your client that it is better to mock-up a proof of concept and test it for yourself.

I too was in this boat because I had heard all of the stories about how unreliable openldap was and how it couldn't be trusted so I went looking for reviews and information and found a couple of web sites like this one: http://www.nwfusion.com/reviews/2000/0515rev2.html which basically says that openldap doesn't compete, but I didn't buy it because the tests where obviously performed by a bunch of NT pukes that couldn't integrate anything that didn't have a checkbox or a drop down menu.

So I went further and installed it myself and found that I was getting horrible performance. So I did some reading and tuning and got the server to perform quite well. Here is a post on the pam_ldap list that explains my findings:


In the end I now have openldap storing mail routing for sendmail. So each email causes 3 queries, 1 to find the look up the mail routing, 1 to make sure that the email address exists before excepting, and 1 to resolve the local user mailbox. Even with 3 queries on each mail request I was still able to break 1.3Mill emails a day while benchmarking and tuning. Further analysis indicates that the bottle neck is the disk speed to write the email.

I should also mention that the server isn't anything special just a 1.2ghz pentium3 with 3 10k rpm scsi disks in a raid 5 array.

The point you ask?  Don't depend on reviews, test for yourself.


Tod Thomas wrote:

I imagine this question has been asked here before but I wanted to try
and get the latest information available if I could.

Is there a recent, respected article, or documentation that provides an
empirical comparison of available LDAP server offerings ?  I ask this
because in a recent vendor meeting OpenLDAP's scalability and
performance was called into question.  They expressed reluctance in
recommending it as a viable production quality enterprise wide solution
and opted instead for a more mainstream commercial offering.  This
struck me as I hadn't heard any complaints or problem reports that would
substantiate that opinion.

Please email me directly as I've been having problems receiving list
emails as of late.

Thanks - Tod.