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Re: config failure

Hi Kurt
i tried the way u told me.
I still get the same error saying
could not find suitable LDBM backened.
select appropriate LDBM options or disable.
It is trying to find db.h,but says could not find.
Though this file exists in the include directory of Berkeley Db.
help needed please.

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At 12:45 PM 2002-05-24, sridhar Kondoji wrote:

>Hi all i asked this question earlier but ...... >configure is not able to locate ssl and ldbm. >How and where should i mention these locations to configure. >Right now my ssl is in folder /mascoma2/install/ssl_instal > (bin,include,lib,ssl) >ldbm is in /mascoma2/install/Bdb_install (bin,docs,include,lib)

Adjust your environment... something like:

 env CPPFLAGS="-I/mascoma2/install/ssl_instal/include \
   -I/mascoma2/install/Bdb_install/include" \
   LDFLAGS="-L/mascoma2/install/ssl_instal/lib \
   -I/mascoma2/install/Bdb_install/lib" \
   ./configure ...

>iam trying to install ldap server in location
>     /mascoma2/install/ldap_install

Add --prefix=/mascoma2/install/ldap_install

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