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Where can i find a good documentation about SASL and openldap ?

Hi people,

i'm looking for a  good documentation about SASL and

I'm using the LDAPv3-HOWTO.html from www.bayour.com (thanks
to Turbo !!!),
which helped me to configure my ldap-server,
but i want to know more about the relationship between

Especially i'm interested in help on the configuration-files
ldap.conf/slapd.conf and on the special keywords (i-e.
srvtab ..).

A good guide to the ACL-syntax belonging to the
things would be fine.

And ..
... yes i have used google, but i couldn't find really
documents and i think you people reading/using this list
will be
the ones who know more (even than google !?) ...

Thanks in advance