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Distributed directory

Hi all!

I am trying to build a distributed environment and have some troubles. I would like to hang a subtree of the same domain in another server. Are this objects correct? i'm having some troubles.

in main server: server1.domain

dn: dn: ou=external,o=people,dc=atrete,dc=testlab2
objectclass: referral
objectclass: extensibleObject
dc: external
ref: ldap://server2.domain/dc=atrete,dc=testlab2

in server2.domain:

        in slapd.conf: referral       ldap://server1.domain:389/dc=atrete,dc=testlab2

        and the domain would be dc=atrete,dc=testlab2


Alejandra Moreno Espinar
at rete ag

mailto:alejandra.moreno@atrete.ch, http://www.atrete.ch
snail mail: Oberdorfstrasse 2, P.O. Box 674, 8024 Zurich, Switzerland
voice: +41-1-266 55 55, direct: +41-1-266 55 91, fax: +41-1-266 55 88