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posixAccount entries under People

Hi everyone, I've the following problem:

When the users entries (posixAccount) are placed directly under
people everything works fine:


But when the inmediate parent of the user entries is not the entry
"People", users can't login successfully unless I set an ACL in the
file /etc/openldap/slapd.con that gives read access to an anonymous
user over the attribute userPassword. Also, users cannot change their
passwords; when they try to, this is what happens:

  bash-2.05a$ passwd
  Changing password for user dpuertas.
  passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

I've the following directory structure in the People branch, and I
suffer both problems (login and password change):


  |   |
  |   +-User1
  |   |
  |   +-User2

What can I do, I've been strugling with this problem for 2 weeks only
to realize that the source of the problem was the placement of the
entries, now I can't find a way to solve it. Help!

Ing. Diego A. Puertas Fernández
     Analista Programador
Universidad de Carabobo   RedUC
     Usuario Linux #114434