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Re: about X500/DAP

>     Can I use the LDAP client interface to connect to a DAP server? If not,
> can any of you suggest some information on the sdk available for DAP ( if
> available).

The classic X.500 DAP development kit is ISODE, but the public version
has not been maintained for several years. It does contain ldapd
though - the original LDAP daemon which simply translates LDAP
requests into DAP requests and passes them on to the X.500 server.

> How do I make my client compatible to both LDAP server as well as X500/DAP
> server?

These days, a good X.500 server will probably support LDAP as well as
DAP, so try that route first. If you cannot get your server to talk
LDAP directly, I suggest using LDAPD from ISODE as a gateway. I would
not try to put both LDAP and DAP client code into one application - it
would get horribly complex.

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