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Re: increased performance

You have a ~100 entry database and you have performance problems?! I think there must be something very basic you have forgotten to do. Here's a checklist:

1) index eq,pres on all common search keys -- this should reduce slapd CPU consumption;
2) set cachesize larger than your total number of attributes, and dbcachesize larger than the total size of /var/lib/ldap in bytes (on a large system, this might require buying more RAM) -- this should reduce disk accesses;
3) loglevel 0 (or, if you must, loglevel 256 and use - in syslogd.conf) -- so logging won't slow you down;
4) run nscd on your clients -- greatly reduces frequency of lookups;
5) tune your ide disk with hdparam, or use scsi disks

Once you have done all these things, I would be very suprised if you still have problems. But if you do, I doubt moving to a ramdisk will help. Writes to disk under Linux are asynchronous by default, and reads will most often be from slapd's in-memory cache.