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Re: increased performance

<quote who="Aaron Anderson">
> I have a small ldap directory (~100 entries) that I use for IMAP/POP
> authentication on my mail server.  I'm trying to increase performance of
> the directory and came up with the idea to place the directory
> (/var/lib/ldap/*) on to a ramdrive.  My question is how would I sync
> those files on the ramdrive with a physical drive.  Is there a way to
> openldap to use the ramdrive for all reads and send writes to both the
> ramdrive and a backup set of files (say /var/lib/ldap-back). On bootup
> the ramdrive would be mounted and the files from /var/lib/ldap-back
> copied to it.  The reverse obviously happening on halt.

one way to do it is setup 2 ldap servers. I currently am deploying
new slaves as i find a need.  I started with 1 master ldap server,
and deployed 2 slaves. I setup the slaves in round-robin DNS and told
the users to use that as their address book(not telling them what
the address of the main server was).  I am working on deploying
a LDAP-enabled postfix, and I setup another slave LDAP on that mail
server as well.

You could have each ldap server bind to a specific IP or a specific
port, I do this already via an option like:

/usr/sbin/slapd -h 'ldap:// ldaps://192.

then i use ipchains(linux) to do transparent proxy on port 389 and
636 to direct connections to the slapd. I use stunnel connections
between the master ldap server and the slaves.

since slaves cannot do writes(all writes are referred to the master),
you could run a slave ldap db on a ramdisk and the master on a
physical disk. I am sure there is another way to do it too, but
I think this way would be the cleanest ..

but with modern caching techniques in OSs, i find it hard to imagine
you will see any noticable improvement over hosting it off a disk.
provided you have sufficient ram & cpu. from a quick slapcat | grep dn |
wc -l I have 629 entries in my ldap database sofar, and searches and
stuff are lightning fast. the slowest ldap server i have is my master
which is a P3-600 with Ultra2 SCSI drives and 1024MB of ram.  my
postfix mail server is a dual p3-550, 512MB ram, on a 2 disk raid1
array(10k rpm Ultra2 SCSI disks), running a slapcat on the entire
db(278kB) took 0.2seconds ..

my ldap setup sofar is pretty simple, not much updates, the users
cannot update any info, I am the only person that writes to the db,
and until a few days ago I hadn't done more then a few bytes of
changes in over a month.

I use the caching option:
dbcachesize 200000

as well as:
# Indexing options
index cn,sn,uid         pres,eq,sub
index objectClass       eq

i don't know if it provides any noticable improvement or not.

none of my ldap servers are ldap-only, they are all very very
much multiple tasked servers ..one of the slaves is infact my
desktop at work which just passed a year of uptime this week!