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What is the market share for the various LDAP server packages?

     It looks like Sun (iPlanet) is not going to be supporting their
     LDAP product on Linux anymore, so we're looking at what we're going
     to move to since we don't want to be locked into buying Sun

     One of the issues that came up, in creating a proposal for
     management, is what exactly are the current market shares for
     the various LDAP packages.  I know that being able to say that
     Apache is the single most popular HTTP server on the Internet
     makes it easy for management to go along with that decision,
     but I have absolutely no feel for how popular the current
     crop of LDAP packages are in relationship to each other.

     Has anybody seen any numbers on this?

     Right now we're thinking OpenLDAP would be a good choice for
     us, but if anybody has any heartfelt recommendations, I would
     like to hear them.


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