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Re: User remote creation/deletion inside Active Directory

I've been doing this using openldap+back-perl running on win2k.  The perl
module I wrote can be found in CVS @ this project
http://acctsync.sourceforge.net/ .  The script is very simple.

There are probably other ways to do this.  Check the perl-win32admin list
at http://activestate.com/ .  The benefit of this way, I believe is that
you can create software that sends the exact same LDIF to both your
openldap servers running on win32 and unix to create accounts.  Also,
passwords can remain in sync between win32 and openldap.


> My apologize if this is off topic.
> We need to automate the creation and deletion of MS Active Directory
> users  (including exchange users) remotely using Perl and the OpenLDAP
> software.  Does anyone have experience with this? Can I get any
> pointers to a FAQ, or  related information that covers this topic?
> I have spent some time looking with no avail. While I was originally
> planning to use OpenLDAP for our project, I was overruled and we're
> proceeding with AD....
> Tony
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