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Re: slapd : what is error 32 ?

On Friday 24 May 2002 08:08, Ken Schneider wrote:
| > > Where can i find documentation about the error-constants ?
| >
| > include/ldap.h says:
| > #define LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT             0x20
| This is exactly why linux is not more popular. When someone needs
| information for the application it is not provided with the application
| in plain lay mans text. Some people will look at this is scratch their
| heads wondering what this means or look else at a different error
| because this one does not have "32" in it because it is hex code. Why is
| it SO difficult to produce a document containing error codes with an
| explanation as to what they mean without having to searching through
| Google and hoping to find a result?

Why don't YOU provide this document instead of ranting in a public mailing 
list? The nature of free software is that everybody is invited to help out.


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