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Re: Re: Single Sign on with LDAP

>>> Daniel Tiefnig<d.t@gmx.at> Wrote: 
Ady Wicaksono wrote:
>>>Daniel Tiefnig<openldap@qmail.infonova.at> Wrote: 
>>>> Ady Wicaksono wrote:
>>>>> Anyone does SSO (Single Sign On) with LDAP ?
>> >>
>> >
>>> May i know what kind of system that use your LDAP service for SSO ?
>>There are just some Webservices. (Webmail,CustomerSelfCare-Interface, 
>>Statistics, UserInformation, etc.)
>>> Do you use core.schema and nis.schema that exists with OpenLDAP ?
>>Ah, core.schema yes. But general for SSO setup we defined our own 
>>ldap-schema. With SSOService, ServiceUser, ServiceAdmin, etc. objectclasses.

Oh... i see now, so we must create our own schema. However, i have a problem like this. When we have a software that will be deployed in a big system (this system has a SSO), is that standard schema use for authentication ? I mean for all LDAP implementation (NDS, iPlanet Directory Service, Active Directory, OpenLDAP) for ex. posixAccount, posixGroup, so i don't need to make any customization anymore.

Thanks FYI