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RE: krb5 support w/o SASL?

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> Can the OpenLDAP client utilities be compiled to have
> kerberos5 support, without using SASL?

No. The SASL mechanism is the only defined way to use Kerberos with LDAP.

> SASL uses shared-object files which are dynamically
> loaded everytime I use an LDAP tool (e.g. ldapsearch).
> I'd like to move away from this, and just have
> Kerberos5 client support statically compiled into
> ldapsearch. 

Just out of curiosity - why? Security reasons? Performance? Doesn't
make a lot of sense...
> Has anyone done this, or does anyone know how to?

Try configuring SASL "--with-staticsasl". This is not an OpenLDAP-related

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