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RE: problem with modify using python-ldap

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Howard Chu wrote:

> The "Resource Unavailable" message means a system call failed with errno
> = EAGAIN. In this case, ldap_read was trying to read from the connection
> and there was no data available. Sounds like the python library isn't
> flushing the entire LDAP request out to the network.
> The fact that the behavior changes with debug level set to 1 is
> disturbing.  It sounds like some kind of race condition is involved,
> because there should not be any ldap_read's occurring between the modify
> completing and sending its result. You didn't specify which version of
> RedHat Linux you're using, but I'd guess you're on 7.0 or 7.1 with a
> buggy threads library.

It is RedHat 7.2.  I am not seeing this anymore, the last hour or so.
Have not changed anything, but start and stop slapd a bunch of times with
different debugging levels.  It's back to my normal 256 at this time, and
everything is working.  ???