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Re: Ldap and Sendmail - using nss_ldap?

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Ken Kleiner wrote:

> Hi...
>   I'm planning on using sendmail to deliver local mail.  My users will be in a openldap databse.
>   When using sendmail for mail delivery, will the delivery agent just
> know the unix usernames based on the nss_ldap module?  I.e., do I have
> to TELL sendmail to do ldap lookups for simple delivery into
> /usr/spool/mail/username ?
>   Thanks for any advice...

sendmail doesn't handle the actual delivery into the mailbox part.
That's left to the MDA (procmail or whatever).  You won't have to tell
the MDA to do LDAP lookups either, nss_ldap makes LDAP accounts available
to low-level system functions the same way that the other nss modules (ls
/lib/libnss_*) do.


Jason Englander