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Re: Single Sign on with LDAP

--On Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2002 10:00 +0200 Daniel Tiefnig <openldap@qmail.infonova.at> wrote:

Ady Wicaksono wrote:

Anyone does SSO (Single Sign On) with LDAP ?


What objectclasses that supported by all LDAP implementation
(OpenLDAP, iPlanet, Active Directory Win2K, Novel Directory Service
(NDS)) that meet our needs ?

There's no such thing "Active Directory" that I can directly relate with LDAP Servers, but even there you can specify your own

There exist a Microsoft Active Directory Schema for LDAP based on the Win2k RC2. Sorry I didn't know the URL right now. If you cann't find the schema, I can send you a copy.

bye Erik