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Re: Single Sign on with LDAP

Ady Wicaksono wrote:

> Anyone does SSO (Single Sign On) with LDAP ?


> What objectclasses that supported by all LDAP implementation
> (OpenLDAP, iPlanet, Active Directory Win2K, Novel Directory Service
> (NDS)) that meet our needs ?

There's no such thing "Active Directory" that I can directly relate 
with LDAP Servers, but even there you can specify your own 
objectclasses, and that's what you want to do, i'd say. I don't know 
whether there is/are objectclass(es) out there that point(s) in this 
direction, but if there is, it will most likely not suffer your needs.

btw: AFAIK there's a general LDAP mailing list somewhere[0] out there, 
maybe ppl there will be able to help you out, this list is reserved for 
diskussion of using OpenLDAP only.


[0] http://listserver.itd.umich.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?enter=ldap
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