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Hey all,
I am running a Solaris 8 intel box with an MIT version of kerberos. I have
gotten the basic functionality of kerberos to work. What I would like to
do is be able to logon to the machine using kerberos as the authentication
mechanism. I tried to use the pam_krb5 module that was in
/usr/lib/security but did not get it to work. It was my thought that
perhaps this module would only work for SEAM. Could some one please tell
me if I am wrong or right. Also in my zeal and anger I deleted that copy
of pam_krb5 module. I have now painfully tried to locate another copy of
this module on the web. I have found source codes for various pam_krb5
modules but cannot get any of them to compile. I am using a gcc compiler
with gmake. The latest one I got from sourceforge. If some one could
direct me to a possible solution to this problem I would be in your debt.
As you all can see I have a whole bunch of problems most of them I have
created. Please help if possible.

Josef De Vaughn Allen