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Re: LDAP and Activedirectory...

ha, beat you to it :)  http://acctsync.sourceforge.net/ .

I am finishing off acctSync.pm right now ( I'm actually a few days behind
schedule ).
Basically, I there is a patch against cvs back-perl that allows it to be
compiled on win2k in the openldap bugtracker.  I then created an auxilary
schema to posixaccount and acctSync.pm module that loads on a openldap
server with a perl backend.
The end result is the ability to add users remotely to win2k using the
same ldif used to add the unix users.  And since openldap is running on
win2k, this can be done automatically using a ldap replication setup or
ldap backend.
I have a windows password filter that catches user password changes and
sends them to openldap, and I'm planning to send the ldap user password
changes to win2k using ldap backend or replication.

> Hey Guys,
> Got a question.  I'd like to write an interface to an Activedirectory
> machine from a linux box (running LDAP on the linux  box).  The
> interface would instruct the activedirectory machine to add/mod/del
> users.  My thinking so far would be to write a c (or c++) script to
> send  commands to the activedirectory's ldap part.  What other options
> (libraries, methods, languages, etc...) would you suggest?
> Mike
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