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root DSE attributes

Using the 2.0.23 build, how does one add/mod rootDSE attributes, such as
"supportedSASLmechanisms"?  The function rootDseAttribute() in
schema_prep.c requires that the entry's e_nname be of 0 length, but the
do_modify() function in modify.c, around line 200, says that if the length
of the ndn is 0, an error message "modify upon the root DSE not supported"
is returned. So how do you add/modify an attribute that gets sent through
rootDseAttribute() for a check?

slapd.conf says:
rootdn: dc=cmu,dc=edu

What should the modify LDIF say:

supportedSASLMechanisms: KERBEROS_V4

or what?   I am getting either the modify not supported error message
if the dn: line is blank, or if I put the rootdn as the dn: line in the
LDIF I get a message saying the supportedSASLMechanisms attr can only
go in the root DSE.

   -Mark Adamson
    Carnegie Mellon