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RE: buid dynamic groups

Salut Pierre, 

I'm also interested in this topic because I strongly believe that handling
access management by group it really a pain and dynamic group will be a best
approach. However, it might be difficult because most of the LDAP client do
not support LDAP query to emulate group membership. And I think there is
also a performance issue here. 

I was thinking of another option. It could be easier to build a dynamic
group using batch jobs  that will perform the LDAP lookup you desire and
create "classical" LDAP groups that can be used by client applications. 

If anybody has a another idea I will be glad to share my views.


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i would like to build dynamic groups without having to maintain a list of 
member in the group.

is it possible to put an ldap url in the value of an attribute to get for 
example a list of uid matching some criterias ?