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Re: ldapsearch result breaks the long dn's in seperate lines

--On Montag, 20. Mai 2002 20:15 -0700 Abhishek Srivastava <absrivas@cisco.com> wrote:

I am using ldapsearch method to backup the data and writing the output to
some file. If the dn of any object is too long then the same is broken
into two lines. Is there any option to suppress this new line character
for long DN's.

There is no such option to OpenLDAP's ldapsearch. The ldapsearch from the Netscape SDK has a '-T' option to suppress line folding.

From ldif file:
dn: cn=abcd.xyz.rty.aaaa,ou=config,ou=xyzApp,ou=xyzGroups,ou=
After "ou=" there is a new line character introduced so rain106 comes into
next line..

Line folding in LDIF files is described in RFC2849.

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