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Re: Back-END Problem


Paulo Angelo <pa@orbitel.com.br> writes:

> 	I tried to use OpenLDAP w/ ldbm, and its very slow when you put
> ~20.000 entries in the base, 

this is one problem (if i understand).

> a select here tooked about 45 seconds,
> using MySQL as back-end a query is about 50 times faster. 

this another one.

> if i use Posgres, i wont have ACLs,

It seems to not be necessarily a Postgresql problem: any sql-backend
have ACLs problem with non read operations.

> What should I use?

Good question. Better, what do you want to do ?

Assuming that ldap/ldbm fits your needs (independently of performances
needs), maybe one helps if you give your configuration files (indexes,
caches... ) method for your tests (queries...), hardware

Maybe you should read this section before:

I agree, accessing a sgbdr with ldap as an exchange/access protocol, and the
granularity of ACL should be great. Unfortunatly, it appears that
back-sql is a work in progress or an unmaintened one...