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Re: Back-END Problema


Paulo Angelo <pa@orbitel.com.br> writes:

 now I have a problem that i really dont know
> what to do (or to read).

to do:   slapd -d1 (or slapd -d5)
to read: the source luke ;)

or openldap-2.0.23/servers/slapd/back-sql/docs/*

You will see that only read operations are implemented for mysql.

> 	When I try to insert someting (a ldif) using ldapadd it gets an
> error

First, there is no stored procedure in mysql to update meta-data, so you
can't update/delete/insert on a mysql backend with openldap.

Second, there is no transaction in mysql to have consistency on (meta-)datas

Third, there is no view in mysql to skip the problem of meta-data.

> What should I do?

Change to a real sgbdr: postgresql.

http://www.samse.fr/GPL/ldap_pg (seems to be down for the moment)

Then, you will be surprise to see that no ACLs is checked for
insert/update/delete operation. It is not implemented.


It looks like lots of things have changed since some months in openldap:

struct berval* ->  BerValue
struct berval ** -> BerVarray
dn_parent() -> dnParent()
dn_validate() -> dnValidate()

back-sql is not kept in sync with HEAD branch. It is not compilable
as-is right now with back-sql.

I ask on devels mailing list and to Dmitry Kovalev if back-sql is still
maintended few days ago. No answer yet.