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RE: LDAP backup

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> >>>>> "Theodore" == Theodore Knab <tjk@annapolislinux.org> writes:
>     Theodore> Am I doing backups properly ?  tar -czvf
>     Theodore> backup_May-16-2002.tar.gz /var/lib/ldap/*.dbb

> Don't do that, you'll loose data (in case of a crash) because not ALL
> changes to the database is synced to file. Use slapcat instead...

The back-ldbm database does not support access from more than one process
at a time. You cannot use an external program to generate a backup of a
back-ldbm database while slapd is running. The easiest thing is to perform a
top-level subtree ldapsearch using the database's rootdn, using "+" as the
attr list.

If you're using OpenLDAP 2.1 back-bdb, it should allow simultaneous access
via slapcat.

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