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problems with enabling MULTIMASTER


I've tried to enable MULTIMASTER by uncommenting some lines in the 
file configure.in
(the following lines, to be exact

OL_ARG_ENABLE(multimaster,[    --enable-multimaster  enable multimaster replication], no)

if test "$ol_enable_multimaster" != no ; then
     AC_DEFINE(SLAPD_MULTIMASTER,1,[define to support multimaster replication])

and the next ones too

   if test $ol_enable_multimaster = yes ; then
        AC_MSG_WARN([slapd disabled, ignoring --enable-multimaster argument])

Also I've added the option --enable-multimaster to the configure script of
cause, but it still looks like slapd doesn't allow even rootdn to
modify any entries if updatedn is defined in config. (I get the message
"No such object")
What do I do wrong?

Probably I don't understand clearly what is the multimaster feature for.
So I'd be appreciate if you explained that.

The reason why I try to deal with MULTIMASTER is explained here
In short, I try to consider the way of replication, when a LDAP
server is used as master for one part of the DIT and as 
slave for the parts of DIT mastering by other LDAP servers.