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using Lotus Notes server as LDAP client

is there anyone out there who has succesfully set up a Lotus Notes server (ours is release 5.08 on Solaris) as an LDAP client of an external LDAP server (openLDAP or iPlanet) ?
Our goal is that the Notes server retrieves usernames, passwords (Notes pwd, http pwd, imap and pop3 pwd) from this LDAP server, for people connecting to the Notes server via standard Internet programs such as web browser and/or mail programs.
The typically Notes certification keys that are exchanged between a native Notes client program and the Notes server, need to be stored locally on the Notes client desktop, and are compared agains the certifications as stored on the Notes server locally. Thus these cannot be stored in an external LDAP dbase, that's what I have understood from multiple discussions on the Internet.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions !
Rob De Langhe