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redirecting searches / selective replication


I've a problem. I'm system administrator in a school, where we have 2 different
(physical and logical) networks, one for the administration and one for the
education. The point is now, that we run in each network a NT-Domain (of course
with samba and LDAP-users). So we have in the administration network one
LDAP-server, where only the administrational users (admins, teachers, staff,
etc.) exists, and so only these users can logon to this domain (the point is,
that there isn't any point where a student can plug in to this network). And in
the education network we have also a samba-server with LDAP-backend. There are
only the students (managed). But the teachers/staff should also be able to logon
here. So the idea is, to logon to the domain, and the LDAP is forwarding the
logon to the administrational LDAP-server. Is this possible? The other option is
to replicate the teachers/staff to the educational server, but only the needed
entrys (sambaAccount and nothing more). Is this possible?